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NordicRWE has entered into a collaboration with the national research infrastructure for human biobanks in Norway, Biobank Norway ( to do molecular profiling on archived tumor tissue samples in hospital biobanks.

For new cancer drugs in development the drug is often accompanied with a biomarker for proper patient selection, enrichment or stratification. For novel biomarker-directed oncology drugs, molecular testing has not been implemented in clinical practice and therefore biomarker information cannot be retrieved neither from the pathology system in the EMR nor from the data available in registries.

Hence, the aim of the collaboration between NordicRWE and Biobank Norway is to pinpoint one of the most important data gaps in the field of oncology RWE, namely performing molecular profiling for novel biomarkers/mutations, that is still not a part of routine clinical testing, using the unique set-up of archived tumor tissue samples.

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Steinar Thoresen

MD, Ph.D. Medical Director


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