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NordicRWE develops R&D-based solutions that support drug development by utilizing the unique Nordic health data infrastructure. We have a scientific mindset and a research-driven approach, and collaborate with data holders, clinical experts and partners from academia. Our ambitious goal is to position Nordic health data in the forefront of data-driven drug R&D and regulatory decision-making.

Our ongoing R&D projects

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Customer research collaboration

NordicRWE has several ongoing customer RWE research collaborations with internationally recognized biopharma companies. We are a full-service provider committed to handling customer research projects, all the way from initial study concept discussions to final reporting. We work within all therapeutic areas and support the entire RWE value chain wherever there is a need for real-world evidence to drive customer value creation.

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RWE customer case study examples


External control arm and clinical trial contextualization of a neoantigen-based therapeutic cancer vaccine for an international biotech company


Disease epidemiology, treatment patterns and real-world outcomes for common chronic disease for a Nordic pharma affiliate


Target trial emulation study in the field of oncology to support access and launch for a global pharma company

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Steinar Thoresen

MD, Ph.D. Medical Director