Drug Signal Detection

With this research project we propose a novel, data-driven alternative for drug discovery and drug surveillance that combines machine learning hypothesis generation with subsequent rigorous pharmacoepidemiological hypothesis validation using longitudinal real-world data (RWD).

In brief, the following stepwise approach will be applied, but also re-iterated and refined over time as new knowledge is generated, and data accumulates in the registries.

An illustration showing how Drug Signal Detection works

This R&D program will focus on dementia drug-repurposing and side-effect signal detection of lipid-modifying drugs, but could possibly expand to other phenotypes later.

Dementia Dataset

Data sources

The Norwegian Prescription Database (NorPD)
The Cancer Registry of Norway (CRN)
The Hospital registry (NPR)
The Primary Care registry (KUHR)
The Cause of Death Registry (DÅR)
The Norwegian register of persons assessed for cognitive symptoms (NorCog)

Study index period for drug exposure
Data availability period
Study population
All persons above 60 years of age with ≥ 1 drug dispensed
Study size
1.6 million persons with 534 million prescriptions dispensed

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Steinar Thoresen

MD, Ph.D., Medical Director