NordicRWE is a R&D focused and technology-driven company that aims to deliver solutions and services that support data-driven drug development. Our own R&D project focuses on two innovative applications of RWE in drug development, namely external control arms for cancer clinical trials, and drug signal detection. Our technology-driven projects focus on interactive dashboard solutions, and synthetic data generation.

Ikon Oncology external control arms

Oncology external control arms and emulation studies

A wave of new personalized treatments for cancer have been introduced in recent years, mainly based on RCTs with novel biomarkers/mutations to guide specific targeted therapies. With this research project we aim to employ the target trial emulation framework to support various steps in drug R&D

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Ikon Drug singal detection

Drug signal detection

With this research project we propose a novel, data-driven alternative for drug discovery and drug surveillance that combines machine learning hypothesis generation with subsequent rigorous pharmacoepidemiological hypothesis validation using longitudinal real-world data (RWD).

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Ikon Technology development

Technology development

Alongside our ongoing R&D, we actively pursue new technologies that can drive progress and increase customer value in various fields of Real-world Evidence studies. Currently, our technology development focuses on delivering interactive dashboard solutions for studies, and utilization of synthetic data.

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RWE customer case study examples


External control arm and clinical trial contextualization of a neoantigen-based therapeutic cancer vaccine for an international biotech company


Disease epidemiology, treatment patterns and real-world outcomes for common chronic disease for a Nordic pharma affiliate


Target trial emulation study in the field of oncology to support access and launch for a global pharma company